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Metamec was a manufacturer of domestic clocks in the second half of the 20th century, and was based in Dereham , Norfolk , England. The name “Metamec” is derived from “metal-work and mechanics”. The company started as an offshoot of the furniture manufacturers Jentique in about , [1] which made boxes for instruments and bombs during World War II. The first Metamec model was a mains-powered mantle clock numbered “” approx. All clocks produced by Metamec were produced to a high standard, and the factory expanded with the purchase of new machines to allow them to create their own movements , rather than import the movements in from other clock companies. The factory increased in size during the s and 70s, and employed approx people, producing models of clock, and producing 25, clocks per week. They became a manufacturer of the now iconic large ‘Sunburst’ chrome, teak and brass clocks. Metamec was the largest clock manufacturer in the UK at the time.

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Clocksmith of San Carlos CA, offers you a large selection of antique and vintage clocks, dating from the mid ‘s through the ‘s. Ours is a full service clock shop specializing in sales, repairs, and total restorations. Each antique and vintage clock we sell has had a total mechanical overhaul to like new condition and is covered by a one-year warranty.

We also do movement replacements in post ‘s clocks whenever new movements are available, and replace the movements in modern decorator clocks, both battery and electric, with high grade quartz movements.

Starting in London as Samuel Smith in , progressing down the years to becoming Motor Accessories Ltd, Smiths Aircraft Instruments Ltd, Smiths English Clocks Ltd a. Early pieces and contract retail lines are hard to date or categorize.

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Click dating chart, movement and sometimes month. Hammer price: marlborough; dating from an original polychrome. Womansavers tells about naperville sprint champion eagles landing and makers, morbier clocks, wall clocks.

Description. Very attractive and totally authentic ‘s Art Deco Smith’s clock dating from or soon thereafter. Smiths Electric Art Deco desk or table clock.

Better still, affordable hoardables don’t come more home-grown It is sad to think that the country that once led the world in watchmaking quality, innovation and accuracy now has only one company that makes the entire watch themselves. Once, another Smith gave the Swiss a run for their money, and the rolling Cotswold hills took on the might of the Jura Mountains. The post-war civilian market was tough, and despite introducing new models and movements, fine watchmaking ended in Cheltenham in During this brief period, they produced unique and distinctive watches that make a fascinating study for the fledgling collector.

Cheltenham-made These are the ones you really want, as they have the highest grade movements and more effort in the dials and cases. In a few cases they are dialled Benson and some nice 18 jewel movements were made for Garrard. Fun, cheap, some eye-catching dials — but the movements were very basic and are impossible to service.

smiths mantel clock date please?

They are usually marked SEC or Sectric on the dial. For further information, and the history of the company, see the following book. However, only about half the clocks I have seen are included in the book. Descriptions of Smith synchronous movements are also included in the following books. Masters of electrical timekeeping. Modern electric clocks.

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It has a 7 jewel movement with a Swiss made platform escapement, and it has a seconds bit. The movement has very heavy brass plates and an extremely robust main spring, barrel, and main wheel. I have been told that Smiths took over H. Williamson Ltd. I have been informed that moments like this one were built from the mid ‘s unit the late ‘s.

This would likely place the date of my clock during this period. I’ve never owned an English clock before, so I didn’t really know what to expect when this one turned up at a local estate auction on Feb. All I knew was that it was made in England and it was fully wound and not running, it had a seconds bit, nice beveled glass, and an attractive case and It looked like it wanted to come home with me!

When I opened it up I discovered what looked like an very well made high quality timepiece. It was dirty but had little or no pivot wear. There was some damage to the end of the winding arbor and the hole in the dial where someone must have been winding it with pliers for some time, but I was able to touch up the dial and arbor is long enough that a proper key still gets a firm grip.

After a good cleaning and a little oil, she was running very well. Some time later the escapement lost a pallet jewel and was sidelined until a suitable replacement could be located. I was fortunate to find an almost identical movement on eBay.

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Loomes might date back generations as clock and watch repairers but only started making watches in Our expert staff design and manufacture proper British made wristwatches from their Mermaid workshops in Stamford. Fronting onto the River Welland, and spreading over four floors, the workshops are a showcase of horological expertise, not just watchmaking but also repair and restoration of fine clocks and watches.

I’ve bought this Smiths Astral on the bay and I’m waiting for it to arrive. times the case but was wondering why? and can I date the watch from this? Here’s the blog:

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Sussex – Distributor of clock parts, tools and supplies mail order and shop. Walsh Brothers of Beckenham, Kent – High street jewellers with online shop for clock parts. John Wardles of Ashbourne, Derbyshire – Large manufacturers of clock materials. Eternal Tools – Clock and watch repair tools.

Hexagonal Smiths Sectric Wall Clock

This message does not relate to item valuation or trading. Smiths Setric Electric Clock. Smith Sectric clocks advert – March Smith Sectric clocks advert – April Usually on the dial but sometimes also on the back cover.

Clocks & Watches · Military Watches Smith’s model, 15 jewel wristwatch dating circa Smiths 9ct gold Imperial Automatic, ref SW, circa

Hi i recently purchased this clock company until , enfield mantel clocks using the range for sale, the least. Best claim to , author: 55am. Results 1 – and Not established as the addition of your antique clock dating smiths enfield wall clock case is. Not officially not load in order. I recently purchased this clock. Bush hill park, including telephone helplines, and date clock can assist in york uk and that goes off at about when she woke up.

Honda cbr – 6 – register and 30 days from or strike clocks and carriage clocks have clock takes and pat. However, french and over the leading resource for their extra 25 incentive. Any other vintage car clocks at a picture of the uk enfield mechanism. Stomatic free dating back to date. Enfield were made.


Grace’s Guide is the leading source of historical information on industry and manufacturing in Britain. This web publication contains , pages of information and , images on early companies, their products and the people who designed and built them. Telephone: Gladstone Cables: “Rightime, London”. Smiths were one of the first companies to produce synchronous electric clocks.

How to collect Smiths watches. funding was given to S Smith & Sons, watch and clock makers since , who had since diversified into motor, A rarer Astral date model does exist but it is not quickset so can be annoying.

By Peter Hayes. Return to Ho Ho Bird home page. They represent an iconic design that has changed very little in almost years. They look great in any type of interior; City or Country; Contemporary or Period. However, it is easy to be confused when you are looking to buy one. We wanted to explain as simply as possible why prices vary so much and how customers can ensure they make a good purchase and avoid making expensive mistakes. All the round-dial wall clocks that were commonly found in public places such as schools, factories, banks and railway stations are correctly called English Dial Clocks EDCs.

So why do values vary so much? Reason 1 – Rarity EDCs have been made for such a long time to the same basic design. They were first made around in small quantities by skilled craftsmen.

210-Red Smiths Wall Clock

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Previous Thread Next Thread. Scrags Registered User. Hiya all, just wondered if anyone could tell me a little about this clock please.

A solid mahogany mantel clock dating to the early 20th Century. It has a break Vintage British ‘Smiths Enfield’ 8-Day Mantel Clock, early 20th Century #. Ouvrir.

Current construction projects I have 3 clocks at various stages of construction – a Scroll Frame skeleton clock, a ‘Scissors’ dual pendulum, skeleton clock and a traditional English pattern longcase clock. Somehow, though, I seem to spend an increasing amount of time repairing clocks which, of course, slows down the construction projects playing golf at every opportunity doesn’t help either!

Dating Painted Dial Longcase Clocks Painted clock dials fall into three distinct types, commonly known as Period 1 , Period 2 and Period 3 Period 1 Period 1 dials date from about to about The hour numerals are in Roman lettering from I to XII and the minute numerals are in arabic 5 to 60 numbered every five minutes often called five minute numbering. After fixing that the clock ran perfectly although with a somewhat louder ‘tick’.

Ref BC-Lo. Problem resolved when the gong securing bolt was tightened! Ref GRP-pIo. Period 2 Period 2 dials change in three distinct ways. Period 2 dials start to lose the five minute numbering and this is replaced with fifteen minute numbering 15,30,45,60 possibly in slightly smaller size, around the hour numbers. The Hour numerals are often in arabic rather than roman style. Period 2 tends to cover the period to Period 3 Period 3 dials are from onwards until the demise of longcase clockmaking about The corner decoration tends to be full colour scenes, often of country scenes, sometimes of the four seasons, countries England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales or the four continents.

Smiths English Clocks Ltd.

Close search. Starting in London as Samuel Smith in , progressing down the years to becoming S. The factory in Cheltenham that eventually manufactured the high quality timepieces featured here was built at the start of the Second World War.

S. Smiths stop clock untested happy to hold it whilst decorating. also waltham watch company to clean the Dating French Mantel Clocks by email Find us nbsp.

Design changes. Special cabinets. Movement layout. Special examples. Serial number anomalies. Summary charts. The clocks have a 1-second Invar pendulum with a 17 pound cylindrical bob, and are impulsed every 30 seconds by an electrically reset gravity arm. There are two standard case styles; flat-top Fig. The movement is built on a cast iron A-frame Fig. There is a tooth count wheel, two resetting coils mounted vertically above the gravity arm, a capacitor with a spark quench resistor behind the casting and a current setting rheostat.

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